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Access to discount codes and discounts!
Everyone likes to pay less, but not everyone has easy access to the list of discount codes... until now! If only an organizer publicly releases a new rebate code, you will find it in your customer panel, ready for you to use. This option is available only for registered customers and it should be remembered that the number of codes is always limited in quantity and time, so in order not to miss the best offers in your area, you should regularly monitor the rebates appearing there!
Order history and additional options!
You do not remember what reservations you made? Do you need a reminder for what tickets you already have and what not yet? Thanks to your booking history, you can easily view all your archived orders and manage them. You can check immediately the places you selected earlier, the status of the order, you will get the details of the event organizer in which you will participate, and if necessary you can even download a backup copy of your electronic tickets!
Own lists of favorite events in the area!
Instead of wasting time constantly refreshing and searching through long lists of events to find a specific event, add them with one click to your favorites and thus always have your most interesting suggestions at hand. You can create your own lists of favorite artists or events in the area in which you will participate, so you will never forget about them again. From the computer, from the phone, from the tablet - easily control the prices and availability of tickets at all times!
Comment on events and report problems!
How did the finished performance go? Did everything go correctly? Your opinion is important to others, so if you want to evaluate the organizer or a finished event, do it right here. Your comments will be available for viewing to organizers for whom a happy customer is always the most important! And when something went wrong as planned, use the complaint option and give the organizer a chance to explain the problematic situation!
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