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Attractive conditions and high commission profit!
Pan Bilet is one of the fastest growing ticket service in Poland. Since the beginning, we have accumulated a large number of recognizable and effectively selling events. As part of cooperation with the owners of partner sites, we provide all available unlimited events. Pan Bilet shares the commission earned with successful commission for an effective event ending with the payment of the order, and we reward with long-term cooperation for even better terms of cooperation. The commission percentage is very high, in addition we respect long-term cooperation, which we reward with better terms of cooperation.
A wide range of tools to facilitate cooperation!
Each cooperating WWW partner with Pan Bilet website has access to an individual panel in which you can generate referral links, view movement statistics and generate detailed reports of collected funds. In addition, a specially prepared API tool has been made available that allows you to fully automate the process of publishing content on partner sites. Our API is available in two XML and JSON formats for newer and older solutions. In addition, the possibility of sharing a fully responsive and dynamic iframe that you can share on your website has been created. So you integrate all events with the help of one HTML code link!
A wide range of statistics, reports and an overview of available events!
Instead of wasting time constantly refreshing and searching long lists, you get dynamic charts and a panel for generating profit reports. In addition, we present the actual redirection traffic resulting from our co-operation. As part of the analysis of events provided by our ticket office, a tool was created to search, sort and share individual links to events.
Technical support!
If you have any questions about our partner panel, please contact us by email or phone. We will try to answer the most bothering questions and problems and explain how to integrate your website with our ticket service.
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